Hello there!

Hello! You can call me Nella.

Once upon a time, I had my happily ever after; but what Fairy tales don’t tell
us is that sometimes these endings fall apart and become beginnings once more.
I never imagined that I would leave my life behind and be starting over,
but here we are, and this is my adventure. I’m learning about myself, love, and the world
with each passing day.
My Hope is that this journey may light the way for others, a candle on a very
dark night.

Yellow=Advice from others

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I've never understood why in life we need to grow through pain, it seems like such a cruel joke. One of these instances arose during my stay on the island; I could no longer hold it together. Regret began to paralyse me, tears streamed uncontrollably from my puffy eyes as I lay in the dark, desperately trying to catch my breath longing for this pain to stop. I always wondered how there were medications for everything in the world; how we could fly to the moon but there wasn’t a pill to console a broken heart.

My Aunt pushed my bedroom door open and looked at her broken niece, she wrapped her arms around me and told me that I had made the right choice, that from the moment I had walked in she knew I was done, she knew it was over. She told me that it was ok to still love and miss him and that I would for a long time as he had been a very special part of my life, she told me that it was ok to let him go, it was ok to do what I felt was right because everyone knows what they can and can’t live with and in the end only I could be the one to decide, and that’s exactly what I was doing. My Uncle joined us and lay on my other side while I shook between them, he gave me a sleeping pill to calm my nerves, he told me I was beautiful and that I was going to be more than ok, that this would always be a home for me, that they loved me no matter what. He reminded me that I had come there to clear my head, which had been unhappy and confused for so long; he reminded me that this would be a long and hard journey but that I would make it through stronger than I went in. They held me until the tears stopped, and looking back I couldn’t be more thankful for the unbelievable love they showed me that night. How unbelievably blessed I am to have them and to have been there with them, to love and be loved by them. All three of us grew that night, it was my pain that brought us together, but it was our love that changed something inside of us. In the end we ultimately grow through love, the pain is merely a catalyst for that love to find its way. 

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